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July 29, 2018
The fishing is outstanding in Oswego!

king salmon      another king

July 8, 2018
Mike with a nice silver King.         Matt with his silver dollar King.

silver King               king salmon

4 king salmobn

July 7, 2018
First salmon for Malaki!

king salmon

Ron of Fulton, NY with a nice King Salmon.

July 5, 2018
Two first cousins with their salmon for tonight's barbeque!

king salmon

Ricky of Fulton, NY with his King Salmon.

king salmon

July 5, 2018
Mike with a early morning King Salmon.

Mike from Ithaca , NY with nice silver King Salmon.

king salmon

Father and daughter of Washington, DC with their nice King Salmon.

another king

Nelson of Washington, DC with a nice King Salmon.


July 1, 2018
Will and his Dad Jason with a nice four year old King Salmon!


Elena a twelve year old from Indiana with a nice Steelhead. 

June 20, 2018
Chris Nichols with first light salmon.

June 7, 2018
Four Viet Nam Vets Marine Lou Hanlon, Marine Dan Diflorio, Marine Gordie " Duke " Lane and Seabee Dave Leeson with their catch this morning with Skipper Captain Mike Conroy aboard The Proteus. It was s great outing and alot of stories shared!

catch of king salmon

May 17, 2018
Dan Curly of Daniel's Grill of Marcellus, NY with his beautiful spring king salmon!

king salmon

Rich Kopp of Onondaga Hill with his morning spring King.

another spring king

Greater Syracuse Hall of Fame hockey player Brian Elwell with a beautiful spring king today. What a battle!

spring king

Dan Curly of Marcellus on left Brian Elwell of Camillus in middle and Rich Kopp of Onondaga Hill with a nice catch of spring king salmon caught off Oswego today!

catch of king salmon

May 16, 2018
Little Falls Lumber trip

king salmon                king salmon

Wounded Warrior Brice with a nice Salmon.

king salmon

We caought a nice Atlantic Salmon on this morning's trip.

Atlantic salmon

This morning's catch of Salmon.

Catch of salmon

May 15, 2018
ABC Supply of Schenectady, NY with a nice catch of king salmon and Brown Trout. Lake Ontario was good to our friends out of Oswego today!

Catch of salmon and brown trout

May 13, 2018

13 lb. Brown trout

May 6, 2018
Nice spring king salmon caught by Chris Nichols of Baldwinsville, NY.

spring king salmon 

Ken Esser of Oswego, NY with his spring salmon!

king salmon