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August 31, 2017
Mike Waltman of Cazenovia with his nice King Salmon.

king salmon


August 30, 2017
Chuck Gessner of Cazenovia with a nice King.

big king

Kevin Whipple of Houston, Texas.


Whipple family with there catch of salmon.

catch of kings

Doug Falso of Cazenovia with his first King.

king salmon

Kevin Mazur , Joanne & Steve Salerno with their birthday catch of King Salmon.

catch of salmon

Boys from Cazenovia with a nice catch of King Salmon.

catch of kings

August 26, 2017

Ethan Woodward of Fulton, NY with his first king salmon.

king salmon   

 king salmon

Brian of Nilsmaster USA with XSpoon at work first blood in USA compliments of Finland

king salmon      

Brian & Kat of Nilsmaster USA with a nice king caught on their new XSpoon. First in USA.king salmon

August 21, 2017

Beth Alviti of Bradford, PA with a thirty pound King Salmon. She did a heck of a job on the fight!

30 Lb. King Salmon

Mo Schaefer of Cazenovia, NY with a nice King with Bob Busch helping hold her catch.

King salmon

July 18, 2017

First light king salmon caught by Chuck Greiner of Minoa, NY

King salmon caught at 1st light

Zak Rayno with 27 lb king salmon!

27 lb King salmon

Chuck Greiner of Minoa, NY with a nice King Salmon.

King salmon

July 16, 2017

The Smith Doner family of Tipperary Hill with a nice catch of brown trout this morning.

Nice catch of Brown Trout

A beautiful 14 Lb Atlantic Salmon caught by Steve Kingsford of Kansas City, KS.

14 lb. Atlantic Salmon

The Kingsford family group trip with a nice catch of salmon this afternoon.

catch of 3 salmon

July 11, 2017

Rainbow Trout King Salmon King salmon

nice King  27 Lb king salmon King salmon

daily catch of Kings

July 1, 2017

king salmon           nice king salmon

June 8, 2017: Nice rainbow caught west off Oswego. A beautiful day and a great crew from the American Legion in Baldwinsville, NY.

nice rainbow trout

May 21, 2017: Nice two year old salmon caught in front of Oswego this morning!

nice 2 yr old salmon

May 18, 2017: Sean of Mountaintop, PA with a nice Brown Trout caught east of Oswego and a nice Lake Trout in 150 feet of water to keep the action going.

brown trout               lake trout

May 15, 2017: A few nice brown trout in difficult condition's.

catch of brown trout

May 14, 2017: Matt Dugan of Deposit, NY with a nice football Brown Trout.

brown trout

May 12, 2017: Gary Ellis with a nice twelve pound Brown trout.

12 lb brown trout

Mark Ellis with nice football Brown trout caught on family trip this morning his son.

large brown trout                average brown trout

May 7, 2017: Mitch from New Hampshire, all 6'6" of him with his nice football Brown Trout.

Large Brown trout

April 29, 2017: The spring Brown Trout are hitting!

brown trout             Brown Trout